Sunday, January 29, 2006

Bugfixes, improvements

  • Feed43 now supports gzip encoding for served webpages and when requesting data from web sites. This will increase the processing speed up to 3..5 times. Gzip encoding is also enabled by default for HTTP/1.1 requests. If your feed reader software can't handle feeds from Feed43, tell us.
  • Feed43 now correctly expands URLs inside HTML code using the effective URL (the final URL after redirections, if any, from where the HTML content has been received). If any redirections occur, you will see the effective URL in status line upon hitting [Reload] button.
  • A limit of 200'000 bytes has been set for source HTML pages, because processing of huge documents would lessen overall server performance noticeably. If a source web page exceeds this limit, first 200'000 bytes will be loaded.
  • Requesting documents from some servers would give a false '500 read timeout' error — fixed.
  • Fixed a bug when ( ) brackets would render search pattern invalid.

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