Tuesday, February 07, 2006


  • Fixed a bug with improper ETag calculation under specific circumstances.
  • Loading web pages which contained \0 ("zero") symbols would result in 'Invalid XML...' error -- fixed.


Fu said...


I love your work, it's great! I know that it's still beta and I don't want to critizise that you are two times off (500 Server Error) in two days since I use Feed43.

I just noticed the following: It took a while for me to understand the correct use of (*) and the fact, that I have to put it behind every line.
When I tested my patterns I noticed that the parser "didnt come back" if I had an error in my pattern. I tried to stop the parsing when I saw that it slowed down and didnt come back... but there was no chance to stop it. I changed the code quickly an pushed the parse button again. The result was good, but after a minute or two the error message of my action before popped up... I know that parsing could cause a lot of serverload. Could it be, that this is the bug that kills the server? Just my two cents... Keep on with your excellent work! Best regards.

Feed43 said...

Fu, could you remember how many {*} macros were in your search pattern that caused enormous server load? This might help me track this situation.

Fu said...


now it shows up, that I used more than 10 {*} or {%}...

So there you got it. But how to come to shorter patterns? I will test it today and keep in touch with you.

Thank you!