Sunday, March 05, 2006

'User Account' feature added

Feed43 service now features the ability to create user accounts.

Having created an account, you will be given your personal 'My Feeds' user page
where you can view and maintain all your feeds. You can share this page URL with your friends so they could easily view your feeds and add them to their news readers.

When you sign-up for account, provide the e-mail address you used to send feed settings to. This will automatically link all your previously created feeds to this account. You an also add feeds one-by-one from within 'My Feeds' page, or within feed edit form. Note that adding a feed to account will reset it's password to the one your account has. If you want some feed to have a separate password, you can change the password from feed edit form later.

Create your Feed43 account now

1 comment:

blakewest said...

Hey, thanks for the new feature! This makes editing a lot easier.