Sunday, April 23, 2006

New macros added, bugs fixed

  • Now you can use {_} and {|} macros in search patterns:
    - {_} is a 'white-space' macro, which matches any sequence of white-space characters including line-breaks, and skips it (doesn't add to search results, i. e. quivalent to {*});
    - {|} is a 'line-break' macro, which matches a sequence of line-breaks, and skips it.
  • White space handling has been fixed.
  • FAQ and context help has been updated.


Anonymous said...

im in love with this service!!! its great!!!

psz said...

Does {_} match "0 or more" whitespace or "1 or more"? I need "0 or more" whitespace tag and this one seems not to work this way. The same question goes to {|} tag.

Feed43 said...

Currently {_} and {|} match 1 or more items.
{*} works for 0 or more items.

Can you give me the example of the site where this
behavior doesn't suit your needs?

P.S.: It's better to use feedback form on Feed43 site to post support questions.

motivr said...

since about a week ago, most of my feeds don't seem to be working..
the feed says "ERROR: Item pattern matched 0 times" even though they worked all fine before, and the source web pages' layouts were'nt changed.

Feed43 said...

motivr, please contact us via feedback form and provide names of your problematic feeds.

Rob said...

I'm trying to pick out all the stories from that have my byline, but I'm having incredible trouble trying to get it to filter out others with code of the following ilk...

<h3 class="newsheads"><a href="{%}">{%}</a></h3>{*}<p class="bodyText">{%}</p>{*}<div align="right" class="timeline">Posted at {*}by Robert Andrews{*}</div>