Saturday, November 11, 2006

Notice: we temporarily serve feeds to paid users only

As more and more people are using Feed43 service, we've run short of server resources again.

As a temporary measure we serve feeds to paid users only.

Free users can still play around with the service and create/modify/preview their feeds, but can't request resulting RSS feeds, until we move to a faster server and optimize our engine for a better performance. Hope you will understand us.


snicker01 said...

when will it be back up???? :(

Sangee said...

Hey Guys, this is such a wonderful service! I hope that it will be back soon!! Feed43 is the best!

Feed43 said...

snicker01, I'd say about several weeks. Feed43 engine is under a rewrite that hopefully will survive heavy load.

Leech said...

bleh u... please don't say it's free when you aren't sure that can't afford it..
Just release it as a beta testing for the paid version and no one will be hurt..
moving to another service now.. you need the money.. I just need the news..

Feed43 said...

Leech, we do want to provide a free service and are finding ways to serve more people out there.

However, being free, we can't give any obligations and guarantee 24x7 availability.

Leech said...

yes, sorry..
I appologize for my comment..
your service was the best, hope it maintain the same quality..

sangee said...

Hi Feed43,

I upgraded yesterday to PaidPlan100 and I am very satisfied! Everything works like a charm now.

If the costs for the free service are too high then think about selling this service generally. I think it's good for users to test it for free (feed for free), but I would be very sad if you would stop your service just because of the high traffic from free users.

Feed43 is simply the best. You can try feedtier, RSSxl and all the others: They dont have half of the feed43 features.

Feed43 is simple, easy, fast, doesnt have Problem with HTML content in feeds and allows you to configure the scraping mask very precisely. None of the other service do provide that!

Keep on rocking!

Patrick said...

I sure can't edit/preview my feeds using the following URL:

I never bothered to create an account, is there a way I can edit my existing free feeds and get my search expressions?

Feed43 said...

Patrick, write us using our Feedback form, providing the list of your feeds, and I'll send you search expressions.