Tuesday, December 12, 2006

We're back again and serving free feeds

Feed43 has moved to a new engine two days ago and seems to work well so far (fingers crossed). We are again serving free feeds at full capacity. Please report us any glitches you find.

We will move from www2.feed43.com to shorter feed43.com address within a few days.


Anonymous said...

Hello, thank you very much for your works !
I found that the new engine has some problems with chinese characters output, the chinese text in feedtitle/feeddescription/templates can't be displayed correctly in the feed, while the chinese texts in the source page looks fine. It works fine for me before, the old feeds still works but not the newly created ones. And, i do set the encoding properly, :-)

David Tebbutt said...

After having trouble reading feeds in BlogBridge, I threw the generated XML at the validator at http://www.stg.brown.edu/service/xmlvalid/ and received a long list of errors.

BlogBridge just says "Source page is empty, try to reload". Yet I am sure it was working fine yesterday.

Are you having problems?

I blogged about you last night, but I may have to add a note about this.


Scott said...

Great to see you back. Just ran into a small bug - don't seem to be able to add new feeds to my account (free account, 5 existing feeds). Any idea why? Thanks

Jag Singh said...

Hey guys,

On your upgrade page, none of the links seem to work. All the "purchase this option" links point to the same page (http://feed43.com/upgrade.html).

Are you guys allowing paid upgrades or not?

Vic said...

I am guessing that renewed interest from new Yahoo pipes users like myself have crashed this great service.

Vic Perotti

Mark said...

Actually, as of the last 3 days, you're down again. Any attempt to create a new feed results in a server error message. Also, existing feeds are not working. I emailed, as well.