Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Update on migration

Our new shiny server is in the racks. We'll start deployng Feed43 engine there and migrating database today.


Pure_BY said...

Hey folks! You offer a great service by functionality, but it is really not cool that your service is down for already like a week!

If you offer feeds, people rely on your service to get feeds from their favorite sites.
Everyone can have problems with overloaded servers, etc. You offer a free service to me, so I respect that. But I do not respect the way you handle the problem -- you very proud say that payed subscriptions are still working, and free ones are just switched off. For a week already.
Do you really think such disrespect to your users will stimulate anyone to buy a subscription? Well, I think I will look for something else in the first place, if you continue disrespect to your free-subscription users.

Anonymous said...

when the free feeds enabled??

Anonymous said...

Is there any further progress? The free feeds still do not seem to be working, at least for me.

Maxx said...

Thanks for bringing back (finally?) the free feeds.