Monday, August 04, 2008

Anyone interested in private Feed43 server?

I know some of you are using Feed43 quite a lot, and even have our service a part of your business. Just before we phase out our old server that did it job quite well for more than a year under heavy load, I want to know if anyone is interested in having his own 'virtual private Feed43 server'?

This is basically a special server with the same Feed43 engine installed, which will be used for a limited number of customers (up to 5). No new users will be allowed to create accounts on that server, and as a 'VPS' plan user, you will get the following (you can discuss your particular needs and pricing with us):
  1. 1000 paid feeds
  2. 15 minute update interval
  3. Great performance and responsiveness of the site.
If you are interested, contact us:

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