Sunday, January 22, 2006

Quick tutorial on translating search results from Technorati as a news feed

  1. Create a new feed on Feed43 web site.
  2. In Address field set the following URL: (replace test with actual search term you need).
  3. Press [Reload] button.
  4. Set the following Item Search Pattern:
  5. Press [Extract] button to see it works.
  6. Set 'Technorati Search / test' as a Feed Title.
  7. Set 'Technorati Search / test' as a Feed Description.
  8. Set {%2} as Item Title Template.
  9. Set {%1} as Item Link Template.
  10. Set {%3} as Item Content Template.
  11. Press [Preview] button to see your feed.
  12. Rename feed to something like 'technorati-search-test'.
  13. Don't forget to password-protect your feed so no one could alter it.
  14. Now you can point your aggregator to and enjoy your life.

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