Sunday, January 22, 2006

We're up and running

Announcement: Feed43 service is now available for private beta testing. If you want to become a beta-tester, drop us a note.

What is Feed43?
Feed43 (pronounced as "Feed For Free") is an online service, a proxy between your news reader application and third-party web sites that don't support RSS natively. It allows you to create your own news feeds in RSS format for any web site, that is to monitor any web site from within news reader.

Check our site for in-depth description of the service and for tutorial on how to create feeds.


Sir Reflog said...

hi! just wanted to say that it's a very impressive service you've got, looks really promissing!
What I would like to see though, is an option to work with password protected pages. Right now it seems to be impossible to aggregate them.


Feed43 said...

Thank you.

As for now, access to password-protected pages that require logon via web form is technically possible, but your feed will be public, so this is hardly an option.

HTTP Authorization and working over secure connection with Feed43 is in our TODO list.

Patrick said...

Congratulations on this great idea. Personally I have been making my own custom feeds for several sites I read, and could surely use an automated service.

I'm wondering whether you use caching and If-Modified-Since headers to avoid hitting popular URLs continuously? And if so, at what frequency do you refresh cache?

Good luck!

Patrick said...

Sorry, I found my answer regarding caching in your FAQ. :)

Feed43 said...

What FAQ doesn't say, is that we currently don't use If-Modified-Since header, but plan to use when requesting original web pages, and when analyzing news aggregator's requests to XML file of the feed.